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Decorative Bollards

SecureUSA® Decorative Bollards

 Aesthetically Pleasing Performance

SecureUSA® leads the industry in providing crash-rated retractable and static bollards for the perimeter security of commercial, government, and defense facilities around the world. The ASTM C40 to M50 range of SecureUSA® bollards combines superior performance with aesthetically pleasing design and ease of installation.

The SideWALK® bollard series consists of individual bollards that are easy to install even when the terrain causes each of the bollards to change slope and grade. This is a unique design for shallow foundation crash rated bollards, as all other manufacturers use a sled design comprising less flexible bollard sets. SideWALK® bollards also provide pedestrian friendly access without sacrificing security. SideWALK® bollard installations can create a stand off with the ability to restrict vehicular access without obstructing pedestrian traffic flow. The SideWALK® bollards are designed to meet ADA spacing requirements without sacrificing site-specific crash rating.SideWALK® shallow foundation bollards also stand alone in the industry with a wide range of aesthetically pleasing options to compliment any landscaping plan .

Your environmental and aesthetic needs are also met by SecureUSA® full line of standard bollards. SecureUSA® retractable bollards are all-electric, eliminating the need for hydraulic fluids and the risk to the environment that leaks represent. When used with the decorative sleeve, the bollard is a subtle component of the landscape plan offering site protection, without sacrificing design flexibility. The most common aluminum styles can be powder coated in a range of colors, textures and options that include in-bollard lighting and reflective safety strips. The stainless steel, stone, and resin options can add architectural decor to your facility so you do not have to sacrifice your site’s streetscapes or facility’s appearance to meet your security standards.


If you are looking for the industry-leading standard for perimeter defense solutions, you can count on the team of professionals at SecureUSA® to provide all the necessary expertise to assure a no-regret, successful installation! The staff at SecureUSA® are committed to Listen, Design, and Deliver Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions to help create a safer future®. The core values that drive SecureUSA® to accomplish this mission and maintain customer-centric quality are:

  • Innovation: Develop new technologies to provide easy integrated solutions
  • Efficiency: Increase productivity with personal accountability and effective cost controls
  • Flexibility: Build an agile business foundation that can readily adapt to the ever- changing needs of our customers

Holding to these core values, SecureUSA® will stay true to what is right for their customers, business partners, investors, and employees. Their team of expert professionals is ready to help you design and deliver your state of the art, reliable, environmentally friendly perimeter defense solution. Contact SecureUSA® today at: toll-free 1-844-354-4785 or at