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Commercial and Private

Commercial and Private Industries

SecureUSA® provides cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing protection solutions that help mitigate property and personnel losses and the disruption of workflow revenues.


The nation’s critical infrastructure includes the assets of many private companies that require effective protection of their assets and people:

  • Learning Institutions: public and private school campuses, athletic venues, meeting venues
  • Professional Sports: stadiums and arenas
  • Meeting Venues: music shows, political and religious gatherings, mixed-use facilities
  • Loss Prevention: rental car facilities, power substations and distribution centers




Learning institutions have a critical need for the protection of their students and employees. Though school facilities are targets for “lone wolf” perpetrators, an appropriate show of physical security including checkpoints can dissuade many potential attacks. SecureUSA® is pleased to be a major provider of Intelligent Perimeter Security Solutions (IPDS) to many private and public universities and school districts.

Sports venues, music venues, and any large gathering facility are obvious targets for foreign and domestic terrorists. Controlled vehicle entry, a perimeter that delays intrusion, and inspection points at critical junctions can dissuade or limit damage and loss of life. The complex monitoring requirements of large venues with many entry/exit points and a labyrinth of spaces create unique problems for physical security. SecureUSA® has helped many universities and professional sports and meeting venues to incorporate IPDS to help mitigate security risks.

Companies with high-value assets must protect those assets from theft and vandalism. Commercial enterprises such as auto rental agencies have shown a clear need to prevent auto theft. Today, most airport consolidated rental facilities (known as CONRACS) utilize technologies that prevent vehicle theft. SecureUSA® is a leading provider of these systems to several major rental car companies. IPDS helps in providing custom, operational programming to fit the unique situations of each CONRAC and provides for remote diagnostics by SecureUSA® service technicians.

IPDS integrates vehicle access control points with CCTV and other intrusion detection systems to provide real-time status and control. System status and maintenance can also be accomplished using IT software, often remotely by SecureUSA® service technicians.