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Our Advantage

Our advantage is experience, knowledge, innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Experience is Important

SecureUSA® is the oldest and most experienced perimeter defense turnkey solution provider in North America. We have designed and implemented more than 2,500 perimeter defense systems and have provided services to US and foreign embassies, all branches of the military, law enforcement, federal government, defense contractors as well as major corporations locally and abroad.

Our Products

SecureUSA® manufactures the only complete range of ASTM-C40 to ASTM-M50 (DOS K2-K12) crash-rated, all-electric (environmentally-preferred) vehicle barrier and bollard systems. Our FutureWEDGE® vehicle barriers and SideWALK® bollard range feature surface-mounted or shallow foundation installation. We also offer high speed vertical lift gates, crash beam barriers, as well as crash-rated fencing with intrusion detection capability.

Our all-electric barriers, bollards, crash beams and high speed vertical lift gates are a conscious move away from traditional hydraulic and pneumatic products, in an effort to prevent site contamination and product deterioration, providing high duty cycles, quiet, trouble-free operation and lower maintenance costs.

All our designs feature reliability, ease of maintenance, and custom adaptation as the main focus.

A Safer Environment

SecureUSA® is able to provide complete solutions for any project scope. Our experience will take the guesswork out of hardening the defenses of your facility in the most cost-effective manner and help you create a safer environment for your people, while protecting your infrastructure and assets from potential attacks.