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Access Control Points


Access Control points

Many DoD and Corporate Risk Managers are looking for solutions to automate significant access points and integrate those solutions into their overall security monitoring and controls

The overall objectives are to create better stand-off, reduce manpower body count, increase access control point through-put without compromising security, integrate all ACP activity into their overall control and command center.

Components of a Perimeter Access Control System

Typically an effective Access Control Point comprises:

  • A secured perimeter with intrusion detection/intrusion prevention. Usually the inclusion of a final denial vehicle barrier system is incorporated
  • A full protective canopy and guard housing (if required)
  • An overspeed/wrong way detection capability
  • Some form of Traffic Controller (if required)
  • Identification, authentication, authorization and accountability are important components of any access control to enforce security. You start by identifying users and then you verify their identity by authenticating them, making sure they are who they claim to be. If you are successful in these steps, entry is authorized and access is allowed.
  • An electronic system monitors and records all personnel traffic and stores the data in a retrievable database. In addition to the more traditional swipe cards, cameras etc., biometrics are now becoming more widely accepted as the flaws and bugs are being eliminated.

General Access Components

  • RFID / Proximity Card Access
  • Digital Video Recording / Analytics
  • Security ID Badging
  • Integrated Biometrics
  • Physical Guard Control (if that is required)
  • Intelligent integration of the entire system with control command centers

Canopies and Guard Booths

SecureUSA® offers an extensive selection of Canopies, Guard Booths, Traffic and Bus Shelters, Press Boxes and Walkway Covers. All are built to last using high quality Aluminum, Steel or Stainless. Our pre-manufactured Shelters are durable, attractive and can be equipped with budget-conscious features such as state-of-the-art LED Solar lighting for pedestrian safety. Because our products are factory fabricated, ready for shipping and on-site installation, we boast the fastest project turnaround time of anyone in the business. The advantage to you is easier field construction with more than competitive overall project pricing.


  • Shelters can be crash rated
  • LED Solar Lighting for Public Safety
  • Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Construction
  •  Meet or Eeeed IBC-CFR49-ADA Standards
  • Pre-Manufactured or Custom Dimensions
  • Modular Design with BIM Object Available


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to install a complete ACP?

First an effective design with layout is essential. Each facility has its own unique requirements for traffic control and sequence of operation, therefore it is best to select a company with experience in product selection, integration and technical oversight capabilities.

What about safety?

The very nature of an ACP suggests that specific consideration should be given to safety of operation, as a poorly designed layout, sequence of operation and inappropriate product selection can create a definite safety hazard. Crash-rated active vehicle barriers are used to prevent unauthorized entry through the ACP, so any incorrect deployment can cause significant vehicle damage and in some cases cause death.

Can SecureUSA®‘s solution integrate with our existing access control system?

SecureUSA® utilizes all-electric active vehicle barriers (or bollards) that are designed for easy integration with any existing access control system.

Can vehicle access be automated?

Absolutely! However, care must be taken to fully understand the customer’s requirements so that the design does not jeopardize safety or interfere with the desired traffic flow. SecureUSA® has many years experience providing these solutions.