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Corporate History

Since 1995, SecureUSA® has been providing physical perimeter security solutions to mitigate risk and protect people and assets.


The history of SecureUSA®



1995 Original organization founded as an independent installer and the only service company for vehicular barrier equipment.

1999 SecureUSA® developed the first turnkey solution provider model in the perimeter defense market. A formal contract with Delta Scientific was signed for complete sales, installation and service of their products. Completed hardening of New York Police Department – One Police Plaza facility in Lower Manhattan, NYC.



2001 Continued to build reputation and secured several large turnkey projects. Completed Manhattan Court House project for approximately $2 million on time and on budget — received GSA/US Marshal testimonies. First active, informative website for perimeter defense online in August. Company became the industry, web-based education source after 9/11.

2002 Designed, manufactured and installed several bollard innovations, including the first shallow-mount SideWALK Bollard® systems and the first decorative bollards ever seen in the market place. Commenced design work for securing 26 Federal Plaza in NYC for GSA.



2003 Received GSA/26 Federal Plaza sole-source, design-build contract for more than $5 million – 2nd largest Federal Building complex after the Pentagon, covering two city blocks in Lower Manhattan, NYC. Project coordinated with US Marshal Service, GSA and Federal Police (now part of Homeland Security). Extensive engineering and DOT/NYCT road closure approval challenges overcome. Sole-sourced, design-build John Hancock Tower perimeter defense solution in Boston for $2 million.

2004 Achieved INC 500 listing as one of the fastest growing private companies in the USA. Received City of New York Reservoir sole-source negotiated contract with NYC DEP for $8.5 million. Started the development of green, pollution-free, all-electric barrier and bollard products.



2005 Achieved INC 500 listing again as the 117th fastest growing private company in the USA. Introduced the first US designed and built electric FutureWEDGE® barrier and electric, retractable bollard. September: terminated Delta Scientific relationship. Converted over $3.5 million of Delta product orders to new pollution-free electric barriers and bollards.

2006 February: purchased Future Barriers Ltd. and committed to further development of the world’s first complete range (K2 –K12) of electric, green, pollution-free barriers and retractable bollards. Successfully crash tested shallow-foundation SideWALK® bollard and shallow-foundation FutureWEDGE® barrier.



2007 FutureWEDGE® significantly re-engineered as the world’s first electric single buttress, K8-rated barrier. Electric bollard re-engineered for greater duty cycle and improved reliability. More than $1.5 million in sales of custom-designed SideWALK® bollard products for major New York City projects.

2009 Expansion of national 24/7/365 service capabilities. International sales of FutureWEDGE® electric retractable bollard and SideWALK® bollard products achieved. First overseas foreign government embassy project contracted using all-electric solution. Contract signed with a leading defense contractor to assist with classified perimeter defense projects locally and abroad. Nuclear facilities hardened with all-electric solutions.



2010 Access Control Point (ACP) design and integration carried out in collaboration with Lockheed Martin for Naval and Coast Guard facilities. Department of Homeland Security Safety Act certification awarded. Further sales made into foreign markets.

2011 Final crash test certification of industry-leading FutureWEDGE® 3600S flush surface, all-electric, final denial wedge plate barrier at ASTM-M50 (K12) crash rating. Continuing design of Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS). Awarded a multi-million dollar contract for bollard systems at prestigious site in Manhattan, NYC. Carried out the first phase of perimeter security for the world’s largest charitable foundation.



2012 Awarded the contract to supply FutureWEDGE® vehicle barriers for the transportation hub of a prominent NY landmark. Upgraded NY City Hall entrance security with the removal of hydraulic barriers and installation of the FutureWEDGE® 3600S active vehicle barriers. Contracted by a major insurance company for a complete Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solution (IPDS) for their corporate headquarters with the intention to integrate a nationwide control and command center for all security.

2013 Successfully crash tested 9” foundation bollard at ASTM-M50 (DOS K12) rating. Won contract to supply decorative bollards and active vehicle barriers for one of the largest construction projects undertaken in the US. Replaced traditional hydraulic barriers at a major Naval site with FutureWEDGE® 3600S active vehicle barriers.



2014 SecureUSA® became a member of the Praesidiad Group of Companies in September.