Who We Are

We are a leading, global provider of Perimeter Defense Solutions. Since 1995, SecureUSA® has led our industry with physical, perimeter security solutions that are designed to mitigate risk and protect against terrorist actions or unauthorized entry into “at risk” facilities.

Experience does count!

SecureUSA® is a global provider of Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions. We specialize in merging physical security with information technology to create a holistic perimeter defense solution. Our capabilities include perimeter defense project design, system integration, security management systems and product innovation to prevent vehicular and pedestrian intrusion of at risk facilities.

SecureUSA® is a specialist, perimeter security company offering the only complete range of all electric active vehicle barrier and bollard products with professional services to provide complete, turnkey, intelligent perimeter defense solutions.

For more than two decades we have been the undisputed leaders for continuous innovation in the perimeter defense market space. We have installations in 14 global markets.

SecureUSA® has a leadership team with more than 80 years combined experience creating perimeter security solutions, managing project execution, and providing service/repairs for all makes of vehicle barriers and bollard systems.