Global Activities

SecureUSA® is a global, perimeter security company with an extensive customer base and partners both domestically and internationally.

SecureUSA® has installations in seven global regions and is providing equipment and professional services to assist clients with the design and execution challenges of perimeter defense solutions in a challenging security environment.

SecureUSA® supports government and military needs as well as “at risk” corporate facilities, petro-chemical, energy, and transportation centers by creating stand-off and hardening of perimeters to provide protection for both people and assets. As international security threats grow and industry is forced to review their security standards, SecureUSA® is helping governments and corporations across the globe design and implement effective perimeter defense solutions for both new and existing asset locations.

Leading with all-electric products and integration innovation, our team is dedicated to Listen-Design-Deliver comprehensive solutions to complex perimeter security issues. Crossing language barriers, power issues, connectivity and networking, SecureUSA® is helping organizations implement effective solutions in multiple locations with the same foundational system components and operation. Seamless perimeter security integration regardless of the location is how SecureUSA® is Helping to Create a Safer Future®.