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SENTRY Fixed Bollards

SENTRY Fixed Bollards Series – An industry-leading range of ASTM C40 to M50 crash-rated bollards

Endless design options to complement any facility’s architecture and landscape.



Fixed bollards are typically used to create a stand-off zone around critical buildings and assets that are vulnerable to vehicular intrusion. Ideal for creating a secure but unobtrusive, pedestrian-friendly environment, the SENTRY fixed bollards series offers great flexibility due to varying depth options. Available with a wide range of crash ratings and various decorative options to complement any facility’s architecture and blend in with the surrounding environment. The SENTRY fixed bollard series meets ADA requirements and LEEDS manufacturing guidelines.




Airports and Ports
Corporate Offices
Data Centers
Diplomatic Missions
Energy Infrastructure
Government Buildings
Stadiums and Arenas
Urban Streetscapes



ADA Compliant
Decorative Options
Environmentally Friendly
Flexible Around Obstructions
Flexible Depths
Lighted Options Available
Proprietary Composite
Stainless Steel Options


Adaptive to Grade Changes
Adaptable to Building Architecture
Custom Designs
Flexible Spacing Options
Low Installation Costs
Pedestrian Friendly

Product Models

Model # Foundation Bollard Height Bollard Dia. ASTM Crash Certification
FX-C40-D30 24 30 6.625 ASTM C40 2,430 lbs. @ 40 mph (1100 kg @ 64 kph)
FX-C40-D36 24 36 6.625 ASTM C40 2,430 lbs. @ 40 mph (1100 kg @ 64 kph)
FX-PU40-D36 24 36 8.625+ ASTM PU40 5,070 lbs. @ 40 mph (2300 kg @ 64 kph)
FX-M30-D36 24 36 8.625 ASTM M30 (K4) 15,000 lbs. @ 30 mph (6800 kg @ 48 kph)
FX-M40-D39 36 39 10.750 ASTM M40 (K8) 15,000 lbs. @ 40 mph (6800 kg @ 64 kph)
FX-M50-D42 36 42 10.750 ASTM M50 (K12) 15,000 lbs. @ 50 mph (6800 kg @ 80 kph)

Excellent Fixed Security

The SENTRY Fixed Bollard series provides excellent security in all possible directions by providing a practically insurmountable obstacle to most personal and commercial vehicles. With a wide range of crash ratings up to ASTM M50 (K12), the SENTRY Fixed Bollard series has the ability to meet your site-specific needs.

Practical Solution

Bollards are the solution of choice for protecting buildings and facilities in an urban setting. The bollard system delivers anti-terrorist vehicle intrusion protection, while maintaining compliant pedestrian access. SecureUSA® bollards can be configured to suit any sub-surface ground conditions and required crash ratings.

Pedestrian Friendly

The main benefit of choosing fixed bollards to create a stand-off is the ability to restrict vehicular access without obstructing pedestrian access. The SENTRY Fixed Bollards are designed to meet ADA spacing requirements while maintaining the desired site-specific crash rating.

Decorative Designs

The SENTRY Fixed Bollard series stands alone in the industry with its wide range of aesthetically-pleasing options. The most common aluminum styles can be powder coated to a range of colors and textures including lighting and reflective safety stripes. The stainless steel, stone, and resin options can add architectural decor to your facility with the available range of attractive designs. With the SENTRY Fixed Bollard series, you do not have to sacrifice your facility’s appearance to meet security standards.