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SENTRY All-Electric Retractable Bollards

All-electric SENTRY Retractable Bollards are the reliable choice for anti-ram access control protection.

Electric Retractable Bollards

Anti-ram access control protection

The SENTRY Retractable Bollard is engineered to provide superior protection of a facility’s entry and exit points against unauthorized or hostile vehicles. The aesthetic design options combined with reliable stopping power makes it the access control solution of choice for architects and innovative spaces. Combined with our fixed bollards and street furniture, a complete perimeter protection solution is easily created.



Urban Environments
Corporate Headquarters
National Landmarks & Museums
Embassies and Diplomatic Missions
Stadiums and Arenas
Defense Facilities
Transit Authorities


All-Electric Operation
UL-certified electrical components
ADA compliant
Backup / UPS Option
Push button operation standard
Touch screen operation optional
Decorative sleeves
Lighted Options


Pedestrian Friendly
All-electric, Environmentally Preferable
Improved Traffic Flow
Multiple Control Options
Designed for Integration
EPA Friendly / Pollution Free
Reduced Installation and Maintenance Costs


Product # Height Diameter Engineered Crash Rating Decorative Options
EB3606 36″ (915mm) 6″ (150mm) M30 / K4 Yes
EB3608 36″ (915mm) 8″ (200mm) M40 / K8 Yes

Note: Manual Versions Available Product Code MB in lieu of EB

All-Electric Operation

The SENTRY Retractable Bollard features an all-electric drive with no hydraulic or hazardous fluids, making it an environmentally-preferable choice. Common breakdowns and worn components associated with traditional hydraulic systems are drastically reduced. The electro-mechanical drive delivers smooth, quiet and trouble-free operation and reduces maintenance significantly. Manual operation versions can be upgraded to electric operation at any future time if required.

Built for Integration

The SENTRY Retractable Bollard utilizes sophisticated control system drives for customized operation with available touchscreen technology interface and network communication. The control system easily integrates the bollard with other perimeter security systems such as speed detection, access controls, traffic loops, automatic doors, CCTV, gates, and other intrusion devices.

LEED Environmentally Preferable

SENTRY Retractable Bollards can contribute to LEED certification in up to six strategic categories.

Decorative Designs

Various decorative options complement architectural design and fit in with surrounding environments. Designs include powder-coated aluminum, stainless steel and bronze. Lighting options increases visibility at night and adds a decorative element.

Most popular designs shown above. We provide a wide range of decorative sleeves and specialize in customized design.