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Systems Integration

Integration Overview

In engineering, systems integration brings together the component subsystems into one system and ensures that the subsystems function together. In perimeter defense solutions many different components interact to create a single security solution. Improper programming and integration can lead to a failed sequence of operations increasing both safety risks and future change orders that can be very costly.

Results of Poor Integration:

  • Increased down time by improper programming
  • Lower system security against aggressors
  • Multiple subsystems with no single point of control or communication
  • Non-effective system causing traffic delays
  • Potential vehicle barrier malfunctions

Results of Proper Integration:

  • Accurate system / interconnect drawings
  • Practical / Effective sequence of operations
  • Quality system communication
  • Safety measures to increase safety and lower risk
  • Single point controls to handle multiple subsystems


SecureUSA® has an expert team of system engineers and specialists dedicated to ensuring your anti-vehicular security solutions function as intended at project completion. Our team is dedicated to uncovering costly problems, safety issues and impractical applications that create a faulty system. SecureUSA®’s team helps you create an effective solution that can be installed properly, on time, and without costly overruns. With over 20 years of physical perimeter security experience SecureUSA® is an industry leader in engineering anti-vehicular security solutions.

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