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Our diversified portfolio of product and integration capabilities allows us to provide complete perimeter defense solutions.

All-Electric Active Barriers

SecureUSA® is a proud product innovator and one of our landmark successes has been the development of our range of all-electric active vehicle barriers. Green, energy-efficient, and easy to install, all-electric systems provide higher duty cycles with reduced maintenance and repair costs, which equals lower life cycle costs. Our active vehicle barriers offer the same speed of hydraulic systems with the added advantage of PLC controls and touchscreen operator functionality. We can seamlessly integrate our active perimeter security products with all other security systems, such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and command & control centers, to create complete perimeter defense solutions.

Design, Engineering and Development

We listen to our customers, and as unique needs are required, we design workable solutions to deliver the necessary standoff and hardening of perimeters. As the demand for perimeter security has increased, SecureUSA® has been the leader in creating Intelligent Perimeter Defense Solutions (IPDS) that integrate perimeter vehicle barriers, bollards and fencing hardware with intrusion detection products and access control solutions, to create a seamless perimeter defense system that can be monitored and controlled locally or remotely.

Security System Integration

SecureUSA® is a leader in designing and delivering integrated perimeter defense solutions that can be fully automated with remote control from decentralized locations with the use of SMART networking capabilities. Our all-electric range of crash-rated vehicle barriers and retractable bollards are designed for today’s intelligent perimeter defense needs and can be seamlessly integrated with all types of security systems, creating a fully-networked holistic solution.

Project Management

Perimeter defense solutions are designed to provide hardened standoffs for at-risk facilities and prevent unauthorized vehicular and pedestrian entry. It is essential that the installation be performed strictly to manufacturers’ installation guidelines. SecureUSA® can supply complete turnkey systems, or offer project management services to ensure a third-party installation is carried out to manufacturers’ specifications.

Service and Repairs

SecureUSA® is the only fully-qualified organization capable of working on all makes of vehicle barrier and bollard systems in the US. We offer annual and multi-year contracts as well as ad hoc services, repairs, and replacement of antiquated legacy hydraulic systems.